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My Fifth Grade Reading Life

Published on 15th June 2017

My ELA teacher was Ms.Jimenez. I was in Williams class. At the started of the year i hated reading. By the end of the year, i start loving reading because they talk about interesting topics.

My favorite whole class novel we read was Red Hot Salsa because I love poem. The novel was about the different type of poems. It was my favorite because i like how the poems sound. The speaker because he was the only one in the poem.  I learn that Taco Bell is not Mexican food.I used to think that taco bell was Mexican food

My favorite book was Harry Potter. Harry Potter y la Camara Escondida. In Trimester3. The novel was a kid Called Harry Potter that can use magic. The genre of the book was fiction. It was my favorite because I like magic in the books and Animes. Harry Potter. Nothing because it was a fiction book. I would read this book to a person that like Harry Potter.

I enjoy learning about World War II because it teach us what happen along ago

I learn that Hitler kills a lot of jew people. Is interesting because he kills those people because they were in in Germany. I think that yes because there may be things that I don't know. What is another non-fiction topic you hope to learn more about next year? I want to learn about Trujillo in the Dominican Republic.

I feel neutral because it wasn't a good or bad experience Maybe because I have a lot of things to do. I hope that they learn the same thing that I learn.